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 Warriors:Out of the Territorys: Dark Past

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PostSubject: Warriors:Out of the Territorys: Dark Past   Warriors:Out of the Territorys: Dark Past Icon_minitimeThu Oct 29, 2009 7:25 pm

This is also on WCC.But in case you havent read it here it is!!Well what I have of it....

Walking through the barmbles of StarClans territory,Shiningstar,Airstar,Nettlestar,
and Waterstar talked about their Clans.Unnoticed a sleek young she-cat walked out
of the forest ahead.Followed by two strong toms.Shiningstar was the first to spot them
so she greeted them."Greetings"she said"you must be SilverClan I suggest?""No"replied
the she-cat"we are from StarClan.We come to give you a prohecy that will take forever
to fullfilll.""Then why give it to us?"asked Airstar."Who are you anyways?"asked
Nettelstar feircley."We are the four original Clan leaders."replied the the tom nearest
the she-cat."You mean your Goldstar,Waterstar,Mountainstar,and Grassstar?"asked
Waterstar who mrrowed a little when saying her name but as an anceasrtors."No"
replied the tom farthest from the she-cat now stteping closer he said"I am Windstar.
That is Riverstar" he guestered over towards the she-cat who bowed her head"that is
Shadowstar" he flicked his tail towards the tom nearst Riverstar."and this" he bowed
his head and walked backwards to allow the final tom to come through"is Thunderstar.
He was the one that suggested to us that we follow our fallen anceastors and try to live
in peace."They all greeted the cats that now stood in frotn of them."Well"said Airstar"
what was that prophecy you told us about?"he asked."Thunderstars voice seemed to
echo around the forest souronding them."There will be four kits one from each Clan
that will grow to be great leaders one a medicene cat.But before they fullfill the
leadership they will have to go on a great jourany and find the four origanal Clans.
ThunderClan,RiverClan,ShadowClan,and WindClan"He finished."How are we
supposed to reapet that to our medicene cats?"asked Shinigstar after a while."Oh"
said Thunderstar "you dont reatet that to anyone but you do repeat this." There was a
silence then Thunderstar Riverstar Windstar and Shadowstar all joined in and in a
sing-song voice that rang throughot the forest they said "her light will guide the Clans
and reviel the darkest secret"After that they vanished and Shinigstar woke up safe in
her nest in camp.Spawtail,she thought,wheres Spawtail?!

Chapter one
Seasonkit had come out of the nursery in WaterClan camp for the first time since she was born.
She was finally one moon away from becoming an apprentice and couldnt wait!Her mother,
Seastorm,and her father Melttedice,were suprised to find that their daughter looked nothing
like either of them.She was flame orange with lighter orange tabby stripes.The only resemblance
was that she had blue eyes.She was young and would make a good warrior.She bounced around
as her mother made sure it was safe to come out.The reason why she had not been out of the nursery
in almost all her life was because some Clan patrols had scented MountainClan cats.The teritory between
MountainClan and WaterClan was and still is over 5,000 paw steps away!So the patrols thought something
was up.They had warned the Clan and ever since the scent had faded Echokit was free!She bounced around
the camp,from the smallest nook to the biggest hole.She loved to explore and was glad she was out of the
nursery!Then something caught her eye!She pounced not knowing what it was.It was alive!She scampered
away leaving the thing behind.
"Hey!" the thing called.A young cat by the sounds of it."Wait up!"It was Warmkit!She had ramed into
Warmkit!Her denmate was racing towards her and skidded to a halt when he came near.
"What was that for?"He asked wagging his tail in anger.
"Sorry," Seasonkit replied."I thought you were something else"
"Something else?Like what?"Warmkit looked puzzeled.
"I dont know,' Seasonkit replied "but now I know its you!"
They ran around camp chasing each other.Their mothers sat watching amused when one caught the others tail.
When night finally fell the two kits went back into their den.
"That was fun!" Exclaimed a tired looking Warmkit.
"I cant wait till were apprentices." Replied Seasonkit.
They curled into balls and fell fast asleep.Seasonkit slept well.But with the prophecy hanging over her unknowing
shoulders she didnt have dreams.

Chapter two
Seasonkit was in the middle of camp.It was almost moon-high and her and Warmkit where becoming apprentices tomorrow!
"Hey! Lets go explore outside of camp!" Warmkit exclaimed excitedly.
"Alright.Its good to get a head start on the territory!"
They snuck out of camp without any other cats seeing them. They made their way around the territory careful not to get caught by a patrol.
They heard a loud rushing of water. They had reached the river! Looking into the giant gorge below they skirted the edge until they found a way to cross.
They smelled the most fowl scent ever!The loud rumbling of thunder echoed every where! They neared the sound and found a hard smelly rock and
many large beasts!
"The Thunder-path!" They looked down the long stretch of rock and saw monsters coming toward them.
"Lets cross it!" Warmkit exclaimed streaking across the large rock with no fear.
"Wramkit wait!!!" Seasonkit yowled at him as the roar of a monster drew ever nearer.
It was to late. The monster came up on Warmkit and pounced on him with great speed as it ran on leaving its kill to rot.
"NO!!" Seasonkit yowled.
Racing into the middle of the thunder-path to drag him back she tried desperatly to drag his large muscular body back to camp. She felt on his
chest when they had made it back to the other side of the thunder-path. A heart-beat!
"Warmkit speak to me!" She yowled
Warmkit looked up at her and whispered "good-bye Seasonheart. May SoulClan gouide your path...."
No!This cant be happening, she thought. She draged Warmkits body back to camp this time making as much noise as she could so a patrol could hear
her. She heared the paw steps of much older cats coming toward the noise. She calapsed when they finally came into veiw.

She woke up curled in a nest in the medicene cats den. When she opened her eyes she saw Mosspad mending to a limp body. No!Her encounters
The previous night could not possibly be true! She saw the limp body of Warmkit lying there un-moving.It was true.Her story would be told around camp,
and it would start with Mosspad.
"Mosspad?" she meowed with a sad voice full of greif for her friend.
Mosspad looked up from what she was doing.
"Yes Seasonkit?" She asked looking into the eyes of the kit.
"Will he be ok?"
Mosspad looked down sadly trying to put it the sweetest way she possibly could.
"I'm sorry but SoulClan have led him away.He lives with them now."
"No." wimpered Seasonkit.
Her eyes felt heavy and her body tired.She couldnt hold it,she fell asleep.

I have a topic in Random where you can comment on my story.
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Warriors:Out of the Territorys: Dark Past
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