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 Warriors: Red Dawn: The Darkest Shadows ~*DONT POST*~

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Warriors: Red Dawn: The Darkest Shadows ~*DONT POST*~ Empty
PostSubject: Warriors: Red Dawn: The Darkest Shadows ~*DONT POST*~   Warriors: Red Dawn: The Darkest Shadows ~*DONT POST*~ Icon_minitimeFri Oct 30, 2009 7:35 am


THe forest was still except for the patter of paw-steps. A black figure steped out of the shadows. He was a black cat with fur that shined in the moonlight and muscles rippled under his gleaming fur. There were angry murmurs as he approached a pool of water. "Moon Clan has spoken." He meowed. "And they have chosen me to be the new leader of Night Clan!" Only two cats cheered, his mate, Shadowsong, and hi fully-grown kit, Mintfrond. All others were silent, shooting angry glances at the black tom cat. The swarm of cats silently disapeared in the morning mist, back to thier territories.

I am ONLY doing this in my spare time at school, so done expect updates very often... Or do...
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Warriors: Red Dawn: The Darkest Shadows ~*DONT POST*~
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