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 Cat Creation Template

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PostSubject: Cat Creation Template   Cat Creation Template Icon_minitimeThu Oct 29, 2009 7:58 am

Ok you need a cat creation to start your topic. Here is what you need to fill out.


Cat Name:

Tom or She-cat:

Favorite Warrior Cats:

Familiarity with the series:




So make a topic and fill out that form.

Mine has a pic for appearance you don't have to have a pic you can though. Here is mine...

Cat Name: Flamepelt

Tom or She-cat: Tom

Favorite Warrior Cats: Firestar, Lionheart and Brambleclaw

Familiarity with the series: Have read every book

Appearance: Cat Creation Template Brown-cat

Personality: Brave, Strong, Loyal to the ones he likes, adventurous

Origins: Mother and Father were both born in the same clan and died of old age.
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Cat Creation Template
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